AG Company

Technological Innovation and Quality

Ag Fire Sprinkler invests in the most sophisticated production systems to maintain customer satisfaction. Our quality processes and internal approvals ensure the repeatability of our processes and, more importantly, that our products are trustworthy.

Experience and Professionalism

The experience gained over four decades in different markets of the 5 continents, makes Ag Fire Sprinkler a solvent company, characterized by always going one step ahead. With effort and professionalism, we have gained the confidence of the market. Leading companies rely on the Ag Fire Sprinkler brand and demand it for their fire safety. One of our main pillars is our human team made up of more than 80 people with passion for fire protection. Continuous training makes us dynamic professionals, knowledgeable about the needs of the market, at the service of the client. Our specialization makes us different. We have a technical department trained to collaborate with our clients. We bring solutions and improvements based on knowledge of the applicable regulations, wide range of products and extensive experience. We have a Post Sales service trained to clarify doubts and solve incidents, both in the commissioning and maintenance of our equipment.


In Ag Fire Sprinkler we have developed Globe CPI win, an approved and complete programs of design and calculation of sprinkler, hydrant and BIES installations based on current regulations. One more tool for our customers. We are factory, logistics center for Europe and point of sale in Spain. This gives us maximum flexibility and competitiveness.

Agency letter

Address:Iran-Tehran-Deputy Farahani-higher than the radius-No. 114 Unit 16

Phone : +982188842272  -  +982188308566