Taklad Fire is a leading provider of innovative and flexible fire detection and alarm systems in Iran. With its wide network of experts across the country, Taklad Fire offers end-users unmatched choice and control over their fire safety system. Taklad with a proud reputation dating back to the 1980s has become the most well-known solution provider in the field of fire Detection and Suppression system of the brands that are recognised across the globe. 

Over the past four decades, Taklad Fire; a subsidiary of Taklad Group, has exclusively been representing major British and European manufacturers such as GENT by Honeywell, Kidde, Argus, Kentec, Thermocable etc. in the field of fire, and our aim as always has been to provide our customers with the latest technologies available in the market.

Taklad Fire has conducted more than 1,071 prestigious national projects successfully with the benefit of having highly skilled, creative & strong sales team as well as corporate reputation for quality and second to none after sales services.

Although we tried hard to achieve these milestones, we have been very committed to ensure we stay in the right path and in order to do that, below have become our main objectives to achieve this: 


- Collaborating closely with more than 150 well-known consultant-engineering companies.

- Continues building and maintaining corporate relationship with other clients.

- Great anticipation and intelligent business planning.

- Collaborating Exclusively with leading manufacturers; offering good quality products.

- Great market anticipation.

- Strong Relationship with different hotel groups as well as Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran.



Address:Iran-Tehran-Deputy Farahani-higher than the radius-No. 114 Unit 16

Phone : +982188842272  -  +982188308566